The Lethal Means Committee works on objectives of Goal #4 of the CT Suicide Prevention Plan: Reduce access to lethal means of suicide among individuals with identified suicide risk.

Their work includes the following.

The CTSAB understands keeping firearms and medications locked up reduces the possibility of a death by suicide. To address this, the Lethal Means Committee is working with the firearm-owning communities to develop suicide prevention and lethal means safety materials to post and distribute.

Access to both over-the-counter and prescription medication can increase misuse and abuse leading to accidental and intentional overdose. The best way of preventing these overdoses is to reduce access by removing medication from the environment or using lock boxes. To help reduce access to medications, the committee is working with health and behavioral healthcare providers to distribute lock boxes for safe storage.

The CTSAB has prioritized reduced access to areas like bridges and railroad crossings and informing people about the resources available to help them is just as important as a suicide prevention measure. A working relationship has been established with the Department of Transportation and work is ongoing with different divisions (e.g., railroad, highway). These connections have yielded Suicide Prevention signage on bridges and railway stations across Connecticut.

For information on reducing access to lethal means please visit our resource page here.

For more information or to join, please contact the Chairs:

Cathy Sisco, Wheeler Clinic,

Jessica Casella, VACT Healthcare,


Meetings are held virtually monthly on the 1st Friday, from 9:30 – 11:00 AM (EST), unless otherwise notified.